Because our composite boards are too large to ship UPS or FedEx, we contract with several different freight companies around the US to get your Naish boards to you. We insure all our boards for transportation.

Please note that all hardboard shipped freight and inflatable SUP sales are final, no refunds or exchanges will be issued.


  • Destination to US East Coast = 5 - 10 DAYS
  • Destination to US West Coast + Canada* = 1 - 2 WEEKS
    • For Canadian shipments, please see International Shipment notice at the bottom of this page.
  • Destination to Hawaii or Alaska = 2 - 3 WEEKS


  1. The freight company will contact you by phone to schedule a delivery date and time.
  2. Someone MUST be present to receive your board.
  3. Upon receiving your package and BEFORE you sign the delivery receipt for the driver:
    • Open the box to inspect your items that they are in good condition. It is important that you check the board. A damaged box does not always mean a damage board.
    • If the board is in good condition, sign for the package and enjoy your new Naish board.
    • If there are issues, please follow below:

If there is OBVIOUS STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to the board

  • Note the damage on the delivery receipt and REFUSE the package (give back to the driver to return to Naish).
  • Take picture of the delivery receipt showing your damage notes
  • Take pictures of damages on both the box and board 
  • Call us at (509) 493-0043 or email us at and we’ll make it right. Please have your order number ready.

If there is ONLY COSMETIC DAMAGE to the board

  • Note any damages on the delivery receipt and ACCEPT the package
  • Take picture of the delivery receipt showing your damage notes
  • Take pictures of damages on both the box and board
  • Call us at (509) 493-0043 or email us at and we’ll make it right. Please have your order number ready.

You will need all the information above in order to make a shipping claim with Naish USA. Please note that if the instructions are not followed or pictures are missing, shipping claims will be rejected. Thanks for your cooperation!


At this time, Naish USA cannot ship any products outside of North America (US, US territories & Canada)

For ALL shipments outside of US states + territories, please note that all duties, taxes, and associated fees fall solely on the receiver.

  • The shipping service (USPS/ UPS) or freight company will contact the receiver and ask for duties and taxes to be paid up front before the shipment can be released.
  • If the customer does not respond to the shipping services' requests in a timely manner, products will be returned to the Naish warehouse in either Georgia or Washington. If this occurs, the customer will be charged additional shipping fees to re-send the items back.