Welcome to Our World


It’s a world of wind and waves, of calm and storm, of raw power and timeless style. Our world is one of friendship and of peaceful solitude. Our world blends wisdom and youth for technical innovation and playful experimentation built from our passion and our dreams. Welcome to our world, a world powered by nature.

No Lines.
No Hardware.
No Problems.

The new WING-SURFER is ready. Are you?

Built to Last

2020 TRIAD

Travel. Paddle.

Naish Inflatable SUPs = Stiffer is Better

Gear that's Ready to rip in everything that nature throws your way

Lift Off

2020 FOILS

Our 2020 foil lineup is ready to take on a world powered by nature.

Lighter + stronger with a ton of updates while remaining completely modular. Customize your ride here!

Jet Foil Guide

SUP at its finest

2020 Javelin

Completely redesigned + reborn. Our Javelin has returned to the starting line with a vengeance.

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