S26 Sprint
S26 Sprint
S26 Sprint
S26 Sprint

S26 Sprint


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All-around/No-cam Freeride 

The Sprint is our no-cam freeride sail which offers great performance and easy handling. The smaller sizes feature 5 battens and are optimized for control and maneuverability. The larger sizes of the Sprint feature 6 battens, are optimized for speed and power on larger freeride/slalom boards. The Sprint sets the standard for freeride performance with its early planing, balanced feel, and high-quality construction.

(Sizes 6.4, 7.1, 7.7 = 6 battens) (Sizes 5.2, 5.8 = 5 battens)


  • Size-Optimized Batten Geometry
  • Minimum Weight, Maximum Stability 
  • Easy Handling and Wide Wind Range  


  • Laminated Monofilm Construction = Tough + lightweight
  • Tube/Rod Battens = Increased draft stability
  • Equilibrium™ Batten Pockets = Improved rotation + lightweight 
  • Large Clear Monofilm Window = Increased visibility
  • Scrim Luff Panel = Leading edge shape control


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