S26 Slash
S26 Slash
S26 Slash
S26 Slash
S26 Slash
S26 Slash

S26 Slash


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  • Easy Park-and-ride Surfing
  • Light Bar Pressure
  • Quick Water Relaunch
  • Excellent Handling in Gusty Conditions
  • Light Pull in Turns


  • Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric = Stiff + strong canopy fabric
  • 2-ply Trailing Edge = Disperses canopy utter
  • HT Plus Seam = High-tensile thread fortifies leading edge along the seam
  • Molded Strut Ends = Reinforcements protect struts
  • Aramid Patches = Protects and reinforces seams
  • One Point Inflation System = Quick and easy inflation + deflation through 9mm hoses
  • Diagonal Load Seam = Distributes kite tension for a powerful + balanced kite
  • Anti-Stiction Window = Easy relaunch by letting water drain instantly
  • Progressive Pro le = Evolving pro le along wingspan allow center sections to generate power while flatter tips minimize drag + allow for faster turning
  • Radial Segmented Arc = Short linear segments accurately form the kite’s arch