S25 Lift Freeride

S25 Lift Freeride


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The LIFT Freeride is a dedicated foiling sail that draws from Naish's rich legacy of high
performance no-cam sails like the NOA. It delivers 90% of the performance of a cam sail
combined with easy rigging and handling. The LIFT Freeride is great for foiling windsurfers looking for more performance and speed. Medium aspect ratio, precision leading edge shaping, and a foot geometry that is optimized to close the gap. A smooth, progressive twist profile makes the LIFT Freeride responsive, fast, and light in the hands while still channeling plenty of low end power to get riders up on the foils in light conditions. The LIFT Freeride can also be used as a non-foiling sail, offering great freeride, light wind performance.


  • 5 Battens/No Cams
  • Deep Foot Shaping
  • Laminated Tough and Lightweight Film
  • Smooth, Progressive Twist Profile


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