S25 Hover Windsurf
S25 Hover Windsurf
S25 Hover Windsurf
S25 Hover Windsurf
S25 Hover Windsurf
S25 Hover Windsurf

S25 Hover Windsurf


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Dedicated Windsurf Foiling

The Hover 125 and 145 are dedicated foil windsurf boards that will take riders from their
first flight and beyond on the non-competitive stage. Setting the pace for Freeride foiling, the Hovers make things easy. Short enough to minimize swing weight, while offering enough length for an easy entry when coming off the foil. The wide tail section features newly updated, rounded corners and a flat tail rocker that give the board the necessary platform to get on the foil in light air conditions with minimal effort and sail size. The center bottom channel also assists by setting the board in the right neutral flying angle. The various footstrap inserts allow the board to ride with small sails (inside) and an upright riding position or more powered with bigger sail sizes and a more slalom-style configuration. The Naish track system adds even more versatility to the design making it easy to trim for more or less lift.


  • Compact Shape
  • Tail Channel
  • High Tail Volume
  • (2) 10” US Boxes Track System
  • Additional Foot Strap Insert Positions
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps
  • Medium Density Footpads


Save on shipping and order through our Naish Maui Flagship Store:

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  • Email nitsan@naishsails.com

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