S25 Force IV
S25 Force IV
S25 Force IV
S25 Force IV

S25 Force IV


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The Force 4 builds on the legacy of Naish four batten wave sails. Naish's purest wave
sail delivers stellar performance in a wide range of conditions' onshore, sideshore and offshore but is at it's best down-the-line. The draft-forward shape and moderate aspect ratio give the perfect balance of power and responsiveness and provide an “in-between- the-hands" feel that makes it exceptional for both wave riding and freestyle. Durability is engineered into every seam and detail, and validated at Hookipa, our primary testing ground. The Force 4 is our cutting edge wave sail, ideal for a wide range of progressive riders due to it's light weight and responsiveness.


  • Light, Stable and Durable
  • Optimized for Wave Riding
  • Great Handling in a Large Wind Range


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