Curfboard Wave

Curfboard Wave


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This all-round board offers you everything you need for training. Whether long turns or radical cut backs, whether fast or chilly'the board always does what you want.

Endless Cruise // With the Curfboard you can cruise endless distances with minimal effort, even pump uphill. It combines the stability of a longboard with the agility of a waveboard. It is also easier to learn than a normal skateboard.

Radical Maneuvers // The Curfboard grows with your abilities and allows radical maneuvers, jumps and whatever else you can think of for cool moves in the skate park or the bowl.

Best Surf Trainer // If you are a surfer or snowboarder, the Curboard is the ideal training device for every season, even without surf or powder snow.

High-end surf-skate-truck engineered in Germany.

*Please note, any damage caused by dragging your Wing-Surfer on the ground is not covered by warranty

curfboard® Wave 2019 from curfboard® on Vimeo.





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