2019 Front Wing WS 1

2019 Front Wing WS 1


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While forgiving for those just getting started, the Thrust Windsurf foil setup also offers boundless potential for those looking to advance their skills. 50% lighter than its 2018 counterpart, the 2019 delta shaped front wing creates lift at very low speeds and maintains stability through both for-and-aft as well as side-to-side movements. Compared to high aspect wing shapes, this delta is incredibly user friendly and delivers earlier lift. Whether it’s blowing under 10 knots or if the wind is hitting the high 20s, this wing is ready for the ride. Conversely, in the same conditions, riders on high aspect wings are forced to switch to a smaller wing set, since their light wind wing sets would no longer be controllable.

See 2019 Thrust Foil Chart for specs.

Includes neoprene cover. Does not come with screws.