2018 Thrust Kite Foil Complete

2018 Thrust Kite Foil Complete


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Developed by the Naish team, the Thrust KS Foil is fast and stable, inspiring confidence yet delivering plenty of straight line mojo. The kite-specific flat main wing planes up quickly for smooth take-offs, and situates itself naturally in the water for a balanced ride'it tracks beautifully thanks to a rudder integrated into the stabilizer (rear wing), and moves upwind and downwind with ease. The long fuselage adds additional stability, and Naish's unique stabilizer adjustment system allows to entire set up to be optimally tuned for individual riders. The long (90 cm) extruded alloy mast can be retrofitted to any style box system. This deceptively clean design has dominated our side-by-side testing, and the Naish team of riders is growing every day as more people try our foil.

Complete Kit Includes

  • Front Wing KS 1
    • Medium Lift/ Low Drag Flat Foil
    • Aspect Ratio'3.38
    • Wingspan'54.6 cm
    • Surface Area'880 sq cm
  • Back Wing KS 1
  • Mast 90 cm
  • Fuselage KS/Surf
  • Foil Assembly Screw Set
  • Standard Board Mount Plate
  • Standard Board Mount Plate Screw Set
  • Premium Padded Carry Case