Naish Jet Foil Guide

Your complete resource for the Naish Jet Foil line. Use the charts + videos below as a guide to customizing your next foil setup.
Information + product videos on all our Hover Foil Boards are available in the individual product descriptions.

Abracadabra Plate

Tired of spending too much time on the beach? So were we, which is why we had our engineers design the Abracadabra plate. Now all you have to do is slide the foil into place, tighten one screw on the back to lock the foil in and you're on the water, ABRACADABRA!

 View the Jet Foil Range video below to watch the Abracadabra in action.

Foil Complete Chart

Jet Foil Complete Chart

Front Wing Chart

Jet Foil Front Wing Chart

Stabilizer Chart

 Jet Foil Stabilizer Chart

Check out the videos below to learn more on our Jet Foil range to customize your ride!

Jet Foil Guide

Front Wing + Stabilizer Guide

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