S25 Jet Front Wing | Windsurf

S25 Jet Front Wing | Windsurf


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The Naish Windsurf 1150 front wing offers a magic balance like no other windsurf wing can offer. The combination of early lift, great top speed and smooth turning ability with easy control makes it the ideal choice for any recreational foil windsurfer who does not only want to sail up and downwind but also enjoy easily going fast on any course. The delta wing design equally feels at home with a more relaxed small sail freeride setup as well as with bigger sails and a more outboard stance position while riding.

The Windsurf 1150 is also a great choice as a high wind Wing-Surfer setup pushing this new sport to a new speed level.

The S25 windsurf wing is designed to work with the 2020 Stabilizer 320.

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