2020 Power Box Adapter

2020 Power Box Adapter


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Naish's new Powerbox Adapter allows the use of any four bolt plate, Abracadabra included, on any board with a Powerbox.

Like a 10" track system, the Naish Powerbox Adapter allows the rider to mount their foil in the desired position. As most windsurfing boards with Powerboxes are not designed for foiling, the ability to mount the foil in an optimal position is extremely valuable.

The CNC cut aluminum plate is lightweight, durable and evenly spreads the load of a foil. Four EVA foam blocks give a buffer zone between the plate and board to keep the plate evenly distributed on the usual V-bottom shaping of windsurfing boards and ensure a good fit.

The Powerbox Adapter includes screws and t-nuts to connect to Standard or Abracadabra plates, but does not include foil mounting hardware or the screw to mount the plate to the board. To mount the plate to your board use the manufacturers recommended screw length

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